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Postcards From:
O‘ahu with Belén Hostalet

Join us as we take flight on an island getaway with Barcelona based content creator Belén Hostalet.

Known for her envious camera roll and globe-trotting adventures, we explore Belén’s travel tips and discover her secrets to planning for an endless summer.

Captured on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii, in pieces from our Liberté collection. Discover her postcards from paradise..

Describe your career journey and
how you began in the industry.

I started this dream journey almost 7 years ago as just a hobby and place for me to post pictures while travelling and studying. I never thought it would become my life, working as a lifestyle and fashion content creator. I love creating and having trust from the brands I work with knowing they can trust me to create quality content. This is how I grew and started working with so many dream brands in the industry.

What words best describe your personal style?

I am very minimal and always try to keep it simple with a classy, effortlessly chic, Mediterranean feeling.

I love working with staple pieces that last forever and being a firm believer that a good white t-shirt and your favourite pair of jeans can solve anything.

Best piece of advice for a global traveller?

In terms of packing, I always suggest packing many basics, like a white t-shirt, classic blue jeans and a pair of Converse. This combination can be paired back with absolutely everything, along with loosely planning your outfits or ideas in advance so that there is no need for overpacking and trying to figure out what goes with what.

While travelling, try to plan your sleeping hours if you are on a long flight so that you can overcome heavy jet lag on arrival. Same goes with food and hydration. And of course not forgetting to pack your favourite face mask as your skin suffers from hydration while flying. It’s always a good idea to keep your skincare routine close up in the air.

Packing essentials for a summer getaway.

Linen dresses or cute matching sets. Linen is always the best option, so elegant and so fresh. I love a cold shower after a long beach day and just wearing a comfy summery dress.

A white tank or t-shirt to pair with a sarong for the beach. Or a pair of cute pants or shorts. I love classic Greek sandals and colourful flip flops.

If you are an active person (such as I) of course pack your sneakers and a cute workout set for beautiful hikes.

Daily rituals while travelling.

I always try to wake up early and squeeze in some “me” time. If the hotel has a gym, perfect; but I love running outside so I will normally start the day active, have a cold cold shower, skincare routine, breakfast and then go out to explore.

In the summer I love staying late by the beach with a book, buying a salad, or a watermelon and eating there. I normally don’t have lunch at restaurants, I prefer doing my own thing, and I always try to have an early dinner with sunset views. In Spain this is hard as our days are so long you tend to have very late dinners.

What are you reading, watching and listening to?

Listening to Coldplay non-stop, I am going to Paris to see them in concert and they are simply my favourite band.

Reading a Spanish book called: ‘Encuentra tu persona vitamina’, which translates to: find your vitamin person.

Watching: it might sound a bit weird but I’m just finishing the F1 documentary on Netflix.

Our new collection Liberté translates to ‘freedom’ in French, tell us about a time in your life where you felt complete freedom.

Just being in Hawaii, surrounded by the huge wild beaches and nature.

Being there, isolated in the North shore feels so pure.

Describe the perfect day in Hawaii.

A perfect day in Hawaii starts with an early swim in the sea. We were lucky to stay on the North shore, which is impressive.

After that, have a snack and go for a hike, and end up in a waterfall or a secluded beach. Go back home or eat something on the way back, have a BBQ at sunset with friends and end the day with a bonfire on the beach. This is the perfect plan.

Best addresses to stay, shop, eat and play in O’ahu?

So many options here! Staying in Waikiki is the most common choice, if you have the chance to stay in the North Shore or one of the seafront houses in Kailua, this is like the best of the best experience.

For shopping, obviously Waikiki has everything you need, from luxury to boho style shops. For eating, there are many restaurants but for sure I would recommend you stop at the little food trucks, in the North shore there are so many, favourite would be Giovanni’s Shrimp or 7 Brothers.

Hawaii holds a special place in your heart, tell us about a favourite memory from your time living on the island?

I lived in O‘ahu many years on and off because of love, my partner used to study and work there, so we hold many beautiful memories there. A favourite one would be seeing the sunset, complete sunset, on the North shore.

It’s very rare, because there are so many clouds at the end of the horizon, so it’s very difficult to be present during a full sunset up there. Once you see one, it’s UNBELIEVABLE.

With the world slowly opening up, are there any exciting travel plans on the table or bucket list locations?

I love Euro summer, so over the next few months I’ll be travelling around my country, Spain. I’d like to visit some other countries I love like Italy or the South of France.

Bucket list… it’s so long [haha], but Sri Lanka and more travels around Brazil, Bora Bora and Africa… they would all be at the top!

Finally, are there any new ventures on the horizon that you would like to share with us?

I have many exciting projects, both professional and personal coming up, but still can’t reveal much of it, but I really hope you continue this journey by my side as always.

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